Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer celebrates its 28th birthday

Today, our Association is at a respectable age and has become remarkably strong fulfilling its purpose and mission to help and support families with children with cancer, with every desire to improve their lives on this difficult journey.

lapsel on vähkThe Association was formed on April 16, 1992 at the initiative of the parents of children with cancer, led by three families. The Association was active until the beginning of the 2000s, when, for various reasons, there was a decline in progress and the daily activities of the Association came to a halt. However, this period of downtime had a good effect on rebirth, as it provided a clear opportunity to understand and see the importance of helping and supporting families, also giving hope. The new powerful arrival took place in 2013, when the Association became even stronger, still the goal to help of others – in the eyes, and knowing of that we are needed – in the heart.

Today, the union is led by five active and strong women as volunteers, and by famous Estonian actor Märt Avandi, who acts as a spokesperson. The management does everything possible to ensure that help for children and families with cancer is quickly available and permanent.

The Duck Race, which belongs to our Association on which the Association’s ability to provide assistance and survive depends on. Thanks to the Duck Race, we have supported the treatments of many children, provided countless creative therapies to children in the hospital, offered the possibility for psychological support to families, celebrated children’s birthdays in the hospital and helped those in need in every possible way.

Birthdays still have a habit of telling guests about their gift request and it usually tends to “fit in an envelope”. The best gift to our Association would be a donation to children with cancer.

The best gift for every child is to have a tomorrow1