President of the Republic of Estonia acknowledged the Golden Ribbon Day

President of the Republic of Estonia acknowledged on the Golden Ribbon Day the courage of our children with cancer

On February 15th, International Childhood Cancer Day, the President of the Republic of Estonia Alar Karis visited our children with cancer. The President had been asked to meet with our children with cancer by Association and it was such a great recognition and joy for the children and parents in the hospital.
Thank you very much for your support and recognition!

pres-1The President was received by Kaili Semm, Chair of the Management Board of the Association, and Luive Merilai, Coordinator-Support Person of the Accociation, Dr. Kadri Saks, Head of the Oncology Department, Dr. Katrin Luts, Head of the Children’s Hospital, and the happy staff of the Oncology-Hematology Department.

President of the Republic also wrote on his Facebook: “For children who have been diagnosed with a difficult diagnosis and their parents and family, some of the most difficult moments of their lives pass through here, but in fact there is a lot of brightness here as well. Since the recognition that the pandemic has given children with cancer the opportunity to continue with their classmates and teachers, despite the fact that their days often have to be spent in hospital. And finally, there is hope to hear good messages, because the quality of treatment in Estonia is good. However, we also talked to doctors and the community that the next big task in Estonia would be to strengthen the psychological help offered to children and their families. ”

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President of the Republic of Estonia thanked our Association for the help and support we provide to children with cancer and and tehir families. For our part, we gave the President and his staff golden ribbons to put on the breast again and again on February 15, and a picture of a family of ducks (as our children with cancer are called by nickname „duck children“) drawn by our children with cancer, which the President also hung as a Facebook wallpaper on February 15.