The Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (EAPCC) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1992. EAPCC unites parents of children with cancer, who feel the need to belong to a community, receive and provide support to families.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience for the child and the whole family. Parents should not feel alone with their worries and questions. They should receive as much of support and understanding as possible and answers to their dozens and dozens of questions. We, our members, act and try to help based on our experience – all questions and requests for help are more than welcome.


Every child with oncological diagnosis in Estonia must have the needed treatment and supporting services funded by national or private donations, which EAPCC tries to find the resources.


EAPCC mission is to offer needed support to all children with cancer and their families in Estonia the best possible way and based on the existing opportunities.


EAPCC is socially strong organization that stands for the rights of the families of children with cancer.Here you can read about EAPCC Statues and strategy.

The Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer operates on the basis of team- and voluntary work and our main income is from donations. Every donation goes to support children with cancer. Donations go to  providing all services coordinated by Support Centre and also Christmas parties, summer seminars, entertainment to children, who are in the hospital (for example magician, therapy etc.).  Donations are not used for operating expenses.

More info how to make donation, visit our Donation environment.